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  ОАО Пермский телефонный завод ТЕЛТАOJSC “Perm Telephone Plant Telta” (registered trademark) has experience of almost 70-years in elaboration and manufacturing of qualitative and reliable products, possesses an intense production and technical capabilities and represents the biggest manufacturer of hard-wire telephone devices for any purposes. 

The history of OJSC “Telta” began, when the situation in our country was quite anxious.  9. August 1941 specialists and equipment arrived from evacuated Leningrad Electromechanical Plant, and the first lot of portable telephone sets was produced already next month. Then plant has been gradually switching from manufacturing of portable telephone sets in wooden boxes with phonic call to manufacturing of complicated telephone devices using special integrated circuits.

Директор ОАО ПТЗ ТЕЛТА Морозов Игорь Валентинович

Now OJSC “Telta” produces various apparatus, that can be applied nearly everywhere – in private life, at plants and organizations, in the street telephony, in mines and pits, at ships, cars, police stations, oil and gas wells and so on.

Traditionally our main customers are presidential and government structures, defense and law enforcement agencies, border troops, navy – everyone who needs reliable and protected from interception special communication.

A particular  place in our assortment is taken by card phones produced at OJSC Telta : multipurpose card phones TMGS-15280, card phones for local communication TGS-15360, devices for presale verification of debit card, portable programming modules, equipment preventing illegal connection to card phones, equipment for remote control of card phones and so on.

Keeping within our principles and traditions we gladden our customers with new production, meet their wishes and are ready to take and execute your orders on a level with the highest world’s standards.


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